Rock Music for Kids of Most Ages

Bratzinski is Bradley C. Swiniarski of Columbus Ohio.  One of thousands of post grunge rock refugees looking for a place in these confusing digital times, Brad has embraced his unique skillset and cast aside the embarrassment and shame associated with being a failed punk rock drummer.  A service industry prisoner by day, once the kids are in bed Bratzinski sheds his cell phone and descends into his basement center of operations to create rock music custom designed to entertain kids of most ages.  Rock music that kids will soak up. Rock music that will encourage listening to music. Music that challenges kids and shows them everything rock music, & music in general can do. Music that teaches them how to listen to music. Rock music they can own. Silliness is encouraged and the creative spirit wins every time.


photo: "Bratzinski at home in his natural habitat" by t.d.dawson